Highwater    Hardwood

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Your pets deserve bedding that’s comfortable and natural while encouraging activities like digging, burrowing, nesting, and mounding. You deserve a bedding product that’s safe, easy to clean, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Your family and community deserve a healthy planet with clean air, pristine water, and vibrant forests.


Beachy Bedding supports pets, parents, and communities by providing all-natural and chemical free pet bedding from sustainably managed forests, that is easy to use, convenient to find, and practically priced.


Simply from planet to pet, as nature intended.

  • 1 cubic foot of shavings per bale

  • Dust screened

  • Kiln-dried 

  • 100% White Pine

  • Made in Canada

  • Great for hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, and more!

Plush Pine

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Highwater Hardwood

  • 0.5 cubic feet of shavings per bale

  • Dust screened

  • Kiln-dried 

  • Maple & Alder blend

  • Made in Canada

  • Great for desert climate reptiles like snakes, lizards, turtles, and more!

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Everything we make is produced using fresh timber from sustainably managed forests in the Pacific Northwest.


After harvesting, the wood is kiln dried and heat treated to remove naturally occurring volatile compounds, making it safe for your pets. Once the wood is dried, thin shavings are made that fluff up to create comfortable sleeping areas, burrows, and nests. All of Beachy’s Bedding is then heavily dust screened. Removing dust is critical as it’s an irritant to both pets and humans. Finally, the bedding is packaged in biodegradable bags and shipped out to our loyal customers.


The process is simple, and we keep it that way. We don’t require the chemical soups and sludges used to make paper, and never add any ‘proprietary’ chemical formulas to block odors. You deserve to know exactly what’s in your bedding and we promise with Beachy, you always will.


We select only fresh and biodegradable shavings from managed forests. This avoids potential contaminants as we don't use recycled wood for shavings. Properly prepared wood shavings are naturally absorbent, comfortable, clean, and healthy pet bedding.

The drying process removes naturally occurring volatile compounds, such as phenols, from the bedding, maximizing absorbency, and killing any bacteria or spores that may be present. Beachy remains diligent when it comes to the heat treating process.

Once the bedding is dried and shaved, it's then carefully screened to remove the dust created during the shaving process. This screening process removes the maximum amount of dust from your bedding so only quality shavings are left.

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