tips and tricks for small pets

  • usage

    The amount of bedding to use depends on the type of pet you have. For diggers and burrowers, deeper is better. This gives them exercise and supports their natural behaviors. For litter boxes, such as for rabbits, we recommend a minimum of 1cm (0.4″) deep. Some species of hamsters have been shown to like more than 30cm deep, although general guidelines recommend at least 5cm for hamster happiness. In general, deeper is better, but go with what you think is practical and see what your pet prefers.

  • cleaning

    Once the bedding is in use, any damp or soiled patches should be removed as soon as possible through spot cleaning. This involves removing the soiled areas and topping them up with new bedding. Every week to 10 days, or as needed based on smell, all of the bedding should be changed out and the cage cleaned. Cleaning your cage too frequently can stress out animals as they rely on scent for marking their territory. Once a month, the entire cage should be deep cleaned.

  • disposal

    Used bedding can be disposed of in the garbage, or it can be composed. As with all of our bedding products, they are 100% natural and made of organic materials. The shavings will break down quickly and completely in most composts. As they contain fecal matter, we recommend consulting with the local agricultural department as to how long you should compost soiled bedding before use. is a great starting point for further research on how best to dispose of your pet bedding.


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