Plush Pine is our brightest and plushest bedding choice. Pine is a great source of additive-free odor control as it gives off a naturally fresh scent. Your pet can burrow and nest deep within the lofty flakes, which offer hours of comfort and play. Plush Pine is sourced, heat-treated, dust-screened, and packaged to the highest specifications ensuring you and your companions are always healthy and happy.

Plush Pine

  • Specs

    • 24.5L (1500 Uncompressed

    • 12.3L (750 Compressed

    • Western White Pine

    • Virtually dust free

    • Kiln dried

    • 100% Biodegradable, Renewable, and Compostable

    • All Natural

    • Chemical Free

      • No ‘proprietary’ odor stop formulas

      • No paper production chemicals

      • Sulfide free

    • Lower emissions, air and water pollution than paper bedding

    • UPC: 628504652015