Coastal Flake is a mix of Spruce, Pine and fir. A perfect blend of sweet-smelling white woods. This bedding offers similar nesting and burrowing characteristics to Plush Pine, with the absorbent qualities of Highwater Hardwood, all at a practical price designed for any budget. Like all Beachy products, Coastal Flake is sourced, heat-treated, kiln-dried, dust-screened, and packaged to our exacting specs.

Coastal Flake

  • Specs

    • 24.5L (1500 Uncompressed

    • 12.3L (750 Compressed

    • Pine, Spruce, Fir blend

    • Virtually dust free

    • Kiln dried

    • 100% Biodegradable, Renewable, and Compostable

    • All Natural

    • Chemical Free

      • No ‘proprietary’ odor stop formulas

      • No paper production chemicals

      • Sulfide free

    • Lower emissions, air and water pollution than paper bedding