tips and tricks for cats

  • usage

    1. For first use, start slowly by adding a small amount to existing litter.

    2. Increase the amount used over time until your cat feels right at home. 

    3. For best results, fill the litter box 3-4" deep once your cat is fully using Sweet Cedar Cat Litter

    4. Refresh the entire litter box every 2-4 weeks, or when the box is fully soiled.

    5. Enjoy the fresh scent and freedom from scooping!

  • disposal

    Used litter can be disposed of in the garbage, or it can be composed. Sweet Cedar Cat Litter is 100% natural and made of only a single ingredient -- Cedar. The litter will break down quickly and completely in most composts. As it contains fecal matter, we recommend consulting with the local agricultural department as to how long you should compost soiled litter before use. is a great starting point for further research on how best to dispose of your cat litter.


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