naturally great

Learn more about Beachy's dedication to all-natural products.


Beachy is focused on creating products from natural sources. Our pet bedding, reptile substrate, and cat litters are all made from sustainably managed forest products. 

It is part of our commitment to making the earth a better place while offering quality pet products. We want you to join us in creating and buying sustainably.

all-natural sourcing


Every product that leaves our facilities has been made with your pets in mind. We might not know kitty or peaches or ralph, but we do know what it is like to be loving pet parents. 

That is why we make sure all our products are produced to exacting standards and are designed from the pet's perspective. We believe this is how great products are born and now we want to share them with the world!

made for your pets


simple products

Simplicity is where we start. All of our products are made from one simple ingredient -- wood fibers!

What better way to produce a product than choosing only one ingredient? This simplicity extends beyond the product itself and into the way you use it. Our pet bedding, reptile substrate, and cat litter are all designed for ease of use and simply clean disposal.